Molly Brown's Capitol Hill

Molly Brown's Capitol Hill Neighborhood, 2nd Edition
By Leigh A. Grinstead, Photography by Cynthia S. Herrick

Discover the stories behind the architects and occupants of Denver's wealthiest neighborhood before the Great Depression.

Now located at 1515 Race Street, the Milheim House stood across the street from the Molly Brown House for ninety-six years. In 1893, John and Mary Milheim purchased the land just prior to the Silver Crash. John, born in Switzerland, made his fortune developing scales for weighing hay wagons. He also had real estate holdings and opened the city's first bakery. John died in 1910, and Mary owned the house until her death in 1930. After she died, it successively became a boardinghouse, apartments, and offices, like many Capitol Hill mansions.

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